Gonna keep this one short.  A dear fried of mine passed away just yesterday morning.  He was 1 year younger than me, and died of Cancer.  Stage IV liver and lung, diagnosed 1 month after he got married.

Right now I’m a mixture of sad and angry.  I’m sad because I lost my friend, and I’m angry because life is fucking unfair.  Obviously, I already knew that.  We all know that shit.  But that doesn’t make it any less infuriating.  Even though we all know that life is a crapshoot… we still get super pissed when the unfairness of it all smacks us right in the face.  As if we expected our lives to be special.

So anyway I’m pretty angry about that.  But I’m also contemplative.  I’m thinking about what to do with myself.  I’m wondering if this blog was a good idea?  Writing frustrates me, even though I’m about to publish my first book on Amazon with another 2 on the way… I don’t just want to be a writer.  It’s a solitary, depressing existence.  I can do it for a couple hours a day.. but jeez, I mean… there’s gotta be more to life than sitting in front of a computer and expounding a bunch of bullshit, right?  RIGHT??

I’m thinking I should turn this blog into a v-log…  Do a more Daily Show / Bill Maher type of thing..?   That would mean more work on my part… MUCH more work.  But it would be more enjoyable and therefore seem like WAAAAYYY less work.  Do you what you enjoy and you’ll never work a day in your life, right?  That’s what I want to do in life.  My dream is to host a talk show and be an opinionated asshole on TV.  Just like Bill Maher.  That’s what I want for myself.  So fuck it I’m gonna go for it.

Next week I’m going to put up a video.  I don’t know what that means yet, but somehow I’m going to take what I would have written for this blog and turn it into a video that’s hopefully funny and the least bit entertaining.

Life is short, after all.  Gotta do what you enjoy most.

God bless you, JHB.

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