New Look for the Blog…

Hey now!

So after a brief hiatus, I am retooling this blog…  I read a ton of self improvement books… not pop-self improvement stuff like the godawful book ‘The Secret.’  If you read The Secret and found it inspirational, please leave my blog.  You are beneath me and don’t deserve to be here.  I am into the real deal stuff like ‘Meet Your Happy Chemicals’ and “The Chimp Paradox.’   Books written by scientists and intellectuals – people who know their shit.

So I am going to focus on quick things you can do to make life a little easier/better for yourself.  SELF IMPROVEMENT HACKS.

Each post should take you a minute to read, and should offer a tasty nugget of info on how to make your life a tad bit better. Hopefully they’ll make you smile too… cause, you know, smiling is good for you.

Tomorrow’s post will be about the famous ‘gratitude challenge.’  What is the gratitude challenge, you ask?  Well, stick around for tomorrow’s post and you’ll find out… (don’t Google it!  Wait for my post..  I will explain all)

Until then, enjoy the Super Bowl.  I hope the Cheatriots lose.  Then again, no one cheats like the Cheatriots, so I think they’re gonna win…



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