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Meet Your Happy Chemicals (part 1/5)


‘Meet Your Happy Chemicals’ is a book by Loretta Breuning.

It’s unfortunate that “self improvement” books like ‘The Secret’ are so popular, while actual self improvement books which are grounded in science like this one are so overlooked (of course, people are idiots, so that’s to be expected…)


Meet Your Happy Chemicals identifies the four main neurochemicals in our brain that boost happiness – Dopamine, Endorphins, Oxytocin, Serotonin – and explains how each is created and what we can do to manage their output (and in the end, lead happier lives..).  These Happy Chemicals evolved with our brains over millions of years, and each serves a distinct purpose in relation to our survival within the animal kingdom.

This book was super controversial when it came out, because it flew in the face of the modern psychological theory which basically says that we should rise above our primitive brains and embrace our elevated consciousness. This book suggests accepting our primitive brains and working within that framework to make our lives better.


In the following posts, I will summarize the book by explaining what each chemical does and what we can do in life to stimulate each one – thus making us all happier and more productive.

If you don’t want to wait until my next post, you can always stimulate these chemicals on your own with drugs like Prozac, cocaine, ecstasy…  or even cutting yourself!


NOTE – I am not advocating cutting yourself.  The other stuff I might be advocating… depending on how responsible/financially well off you are.

So until next time…

Remember, even if you aren’t happy, you can always FAKE IT WITH CONFIDENCE!